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EJ-160 FOR LEVYING OFFICER USE ONLY Levying Officer Name and Address To keep other people from seeing what you entered on your form please press the Clear This Form button at the end of the form when finished. FAX NO. Optional E-MAIL ADDRESS Optional ATTORNEY FOR Name SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF STREET ADDRESS MAILING ADDRESS CITY AND ZIP CODE BRANCH NAME LEVYING OFFICER FILE NUMBER PLAINTIFF/PETITIONER DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT FOR COURT USE ONLY CLAIM OF EXEMPTION Enforcement of...
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Comments and Help with claim exemption form

Who needs Form EJ-160?

Form EJ-160 is a Claim of Exemption. Judgement debtors need to file it when they cannot provide financial support for their family members or for themselves.

What is Form EJ-160 for?

With this form, judgement debtors request an exemption after they receive a notice of levy. Levying officers in turn are to make a decision based on the information provided in this form. Claimants must provide a reason for requesting an exemption and prove their financial situation.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

You should have at least two copies of this form in order to send one to the levying officer and keep one for your records. The Claim of Exemption has to be accompanied by the Financial Statement of the judgement debtor. It will serve as proof of a reasonable request to the court representatives.

When is Form EJ-160 due?

Look for a due date in the Notice of Levy. It must be mentioned by the court clerk. Otherwise you should file this claim with the levying officer as soon as possible. The longer you delay applying after the notice, the more likely you are to be rejected.

How do I fill out Form EJ-160?

You must copy all general information from the Notice of Levy into the top box of the Claim of Exemption. After this, you should check the box, providing answers to the following questions: where to send papers, what facts support the claim, and what property you claim to be exempt.

Where do I send it?

Do not send a copy to the court clerk; instead, file it with the levying officer appointed by the court.

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Instructions and Help about claim of exemption form
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